A new project, spearheaded by Renewable Dynamics, is to develop innovative technology that will allow the wind industry to maximise green energy generation and prolong the life of onshore and offshore wind farms. With collaboration from Red Rock Power Limited and the University of Strathclyde, the 18-month study will drive efficiency and ultimately reduce the sector’s footprint, strengthening its vital role in the net-zero transition.

Renewable Dynamics has secured funding as part of the UK Government’s £116 million investment to drive forward green innovation across the country. Utilising operational data from Red Rock Power’s wind farm, Afton, and with the academic support from the University of Strathclyde, the company will develop a control system to optimise wind farm operations considering weather and market conditions.

David Robb, Director and Co-Founder of Renewable Dynamics, said: “Securing this funding enables us to progress what we believe to be a truly transformative project. With Strathclyde University’s academic capabilities and Red Rock Power’s in-depth understanding of wind energy generation, we’re looking forward to developing a wind farm control solution that will allow owners to optimise operations and their green energy contribution over an extended lifetime of their wind farms.”

Joe Brewster, Head of Asset Management at Red Rock Power Limited, said: “This project aligns very well with our ‘value-based’ asset management strategy. As a developer, we are continually seeking to maximise the generation from our wind farms and taking steps to delay decommissioning. But this opportunity reaches far wider. We’re proud to be collaborating on a project that has the potential to transform efficiency across the sector for years to come.”

After a year of data analysis and creating the innovative solution, this will be applied to the Afton wind farm as a test case to inform operational activity.