Our Culture

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Diversity and inclusivity are central to our strength as a team as well as our culture as a business. It’s our mission to unleash the potential within the business, and we know that teams perform best when individuals come from different backgrounds and cultures, and every individual feels that they belong. This attitude towards team work also drives how we recruit employees, cultivate leaders and grow the company.

We are a team that eats together at least twice a week and consider this an important part of our Red Rock Power culture. With a headcount of over 70, this is a good way for everyone (especially new employees or those who work in very niche areas of the business) to interact and build stronger connections which we’ve seen has an extremely positive impact day-to-day.

Our Healthy Working Lives programme, which is designed to promote and facilitate healthy life choices, high safety standards and mental and physical wellbeing both in and out of work, also helps to bring the team together though organised activities.




When talented individuals team up, great things happen.