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Health & Safety, Environment and Quality are a priority across all elements of Red Rock Power’s operations, whether we are in the office or onsite. We are committed to achieving high standards of HSEQ and we firmly believe that the safer we work, and the higher quality standards we set, the more productive we will be. Read below more about our HSEQ values and policy below.

Our HSEQ Values (below) are are an integral part of our company and culture, driving our actions and the way we conduct business. 

In applying these values, we are committed to:


  • Operating an HSE Management system that shall be certified to ISO 14001 and 45001 (in 2021), and a Quality Management System  certified to ISO 9001
  • Ensuring zero harm to people, by eliminating hazards and reducing risks
  • Protecting the environment, prevent pollution and reduce our carbon impact
  • Ensuring our internal and external stakeholders’ HSEQ requirements are satisfied, and their requirements are met
  • Checking our external Contractors meet the Company’s HSEQ requirements
  • Complying with legislation, regulations and applicable standards& industry best practice
  • Promoting a safe, positive working environment, preventing injuries and work-related physical/mental ill-health
  • Consulting with people and promoting involvement/participation in HSEQ matters
  • Setting HSEQ objectives and communicate them to all staff, partners and contractors
  • Monitoring HSEQ performance against objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement of the management systems
  • Encouraging a ‘Get it right first time’ culture