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Red Rock Power is the European subsidiary of SDIC Power, a global energy company based in Beijing. It has a total installed capacity of approximately 37.7642 GW (2022), 68.54% of which is from renewable generation including hydropower, wind, thermal and photovoltaic energy projects. The company has also successfully divested its interest in several coal fired power plants as it continues to reduce fossil fuel generation across its portfolio and prioritise renewable energy opportunities.

SDIC Power Holdings Co., Ltd, is a listed company in Shanghai Stock Exchange (SH.600886), with State Development and Investment Corporation (SDIC), a State-Controlled Enterprise, holding 51.32% of its shares as of 2022. In 2022, SDIC Power generated 156.7 billion kWh across its portfolio of assets worth RMB 258.254 billion, generating an operating revenue of RMB 50.489 billion and net profits attributed to shareholders of the company of RMB 4.079 billion.

SDIC, established in 1995, has global operations across a wide variety of sectors within infrastructure, financial and emerging industries.