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Red Rock Power Limited is committed to raising standards of best practice within the business and wider renewables industry, as well as improving efficiencies and maximising opportunities to add value to our assets. A key element of this sees us adopt best in class management practices when investing in, developing, managing and operating renewable energy projects and assets. This means applying the most appropriate processes and procedures as befit our operations, consistently across our business as we grow.  

Our team has attained and is continuing to work towards various International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certifications as part of this ambition to raise industry standards, deliver best practice and contribute towards a more efficient operation.   

ISO 55001 – Asset Management 

Red Rock Power was awarded the ISO certification for Asset Management, in relation to the governance of operational renewable energy assets, by the British Standards Institution in Spring 2021 after a year-long process.

ISO 55001 recognises our robust, flexible and sustainable Asset Management System which enables increased efficiency and consistency across our growing portfolio, and in particular, across different operating models. The international certification underpins our ‘value-based’ strategy as we continue to optimise current wind energy projects and expand our renewable energy portfolio in the UK and wider European market.