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Red Rock Power is committed to raising standards of best practice within our business and the wider renewables industry, as well as improving efficiencies and maximising opportunities to add value to our assets. A key element of this sees us adopt best in class management practices when investing in, developing, managing and operating renewable energy projects and assets. This means applying the most appropriate processes and procedures as befit our operations, consistently across our business as we grow.

Our team has attained and is continuing to work towards various International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certifications as part of this ambition to raise industry standards, deliver best practice and contribute towards a more efficient operation.

ISO 55001 – Asset Management
The ISO certification for Asset Management (ISO 55001) in relation to the governance of operational renewable energy assets, recognises our robust, flexible and sustainable Asset Management System. This enables increased efficiency and consistency across our growing portfolio, and in particular, across different operating models. It underpins our ‘value-based’ strategy as we continue to optimise current wind energy projects and expand our renewable energy portfolio in the UK and wider European market.

ISO 9001 – Quality Management
The ISO certification for Quality Management (ISO 9001) reflects our thorough, dynamic approach to meeting expectations and continually improving our systems. The quality management system will help the business deliver growth and ensure the processes are there to do so in an efficient way.

ISO 14001 – Environment Management
The ISO certification for Environment Management (IS0 14001) demonstrates our commitment to sustainable practices and protecting the environment in all that we do. As part of the combined HSE Management system, the processes involved ensure that we are able to consider the environmental aspects of individual parts of the business, and for the business as a whole.

ISO 450001 – Occupational Health & Safety Management
The ISO certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management (IS0 450001) reflects our commitment to a positive working environment, workforce engagement, and safe activities across the lifecycle of our projects and assets. As part of the combined HSE Management system, the processes involved ensures the physical and mental welfare of people are considered in all that we do.

ISO 45003 – Psychological Health & Safety
Red Rock Power was one of the first companies to secure the ISO 45003 and signifies our dedication to employees’ mental health and safety. The COVID pandemic created both a need and opportunity to pay closer attention to mental health within the business, as well as a drive to learn. We identified areas to improve, from better organisation and clearer communication, to being more vocal about support available and promoting more discussion on mental health. We repeatedly measured mental health and stress metrics, eventually using the Health and Safety Executive’s own respected stress and culture measurement tools. These allowed us to add some rigour to the instincts we had developed through two years of conversations. We also now have seven mental health first aiders available to provide support across the growing Edinburgh team.

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management 
The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates Red Rock Power’s dedication to mitigating against cyber-risks and threats, and empowering our organisation to thrive in a secure digital landscape. Our information security vision is to establish a robust and resilient framework that safeguards our critical assets, data and operations. By fostering a culture of proactive risk management, continuous improvement and awareness, we aim to be recognised as a trusted and reliable custodian of information, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our resources while adapting to emerging threats and technological advancements. Together, we create an environment where information security is ingrained in every aspect of our business, fostering innovation and trust among our stakeholders.